Writings and Essays

  Since I finished my degree in 2006 I haven't spent a lot of time writing, but I am going to start again soon.
If there is something that you are looking for then let me know. I can point you towards some sources and let you know my opinions.

Environmental Ethics
    Intrinsic Beauty? Intrinsic, Instrumental, and Inherent Values (Abstract) Spring 2000
    In Light of a Land Ethic (Abstract) Fall 2003
    Walden: A Search for Truth in Nature (Abstract) Fall 2003
    Carrying Capacity: The limits of the World? (Abstract) Fall 2000
    Summary of Darwinism (Abstract) Fall 2004
    Creationist vs. Evolutionist: A study in Conflict Resolution (Abstract) Fall 2004
Restoration Ecology
    Cognitive Acts & Technological Empowerment in Restoration (Abstract) Spring 2004
    Paired Restoration: Criteria for Cultural and Ecological Success in Restoration (Abstract) Spring 2004
Environmental Education
    Wendel Berry on Education (Abstract) Fall 2004
    Environmental Education as Moral Education: A question of Environmental Citizenship (Abstract) Fall 2004
    Global Climate Change: Challenges to Scientist (Abstract) Spring 2004
    Society and Nature: The Impact of Civilization on Nature (Abstract) Spring 2001
    Air Pollution: Associated With Emissions from the Automobile (Abstract) Spring 2001
    The Gaia Hypothesis: The Aspens in Yellowstone (Abstract) Fall 2000
    The Issue of Deforestation: An Analysis (Abstract) Spring 2001

  This a collection of short papers that I have written over the years. Mostly of the essays are things that I have written for classes and are generally between 6 to 10 pages long and are focused on issues related to the environment.

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